Commercial Aggregates

Sand & Gravel materials 

Using our own marine dredging vessel, the AI Avocett and large scale production plants, we are able to produce a complete portfolio of washed aggregates conforming to both Aggregates for Concrete BS EN 12620 and Aggregate for Unbound & Hydraulically Bound Materials BS EN 13242 specifications. We also offer a number of land based sands and topsoils enabling supply to a wide range of construction schemes from housing developments to major infrastructure projects. 

Limestone materials

Through our longstanding rail terminals in Eastleigh and Fareham, and utilising carboniferous limestone from the Mendip Hills in Somerset. We are able to offer a wide range of materials  including, SHW Cl 803 Type 1 subbase, Series 600 engineering Fills and SuDS drainage products. 

Decorative Aggregates 

The naturally rounded nature of our amber/white fleck marine shingle means it is highly sought after around the country. It is regularly used as a finishing aggregate for driveways to country park pathways and car parks.