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Home Improvement projects are almost an institution, propagated by the housing boom and the growth in popular DIY inspired television programmes. Home owners spend over £54 billion per year improving and adding value to their homes, not to mention the collective time spent carrying out the work.

Whether you are working on your garden or in your home, there is a good chance you will require aggregates and ready mixed concrete to complete the project. Whatever the project is there are common key points to consider:

  • Always ensure you order the correct materials for the job. If in doubt, please seek advice prior to ordering.
  • Ensure that you measure accurately so that you can order sufficient materials to complete the project. Our Quantity Calculators will help you to work out volumes and tonnages and convert from Imperial to Metric dimensions.
  • Click here to go to the aggregates calculator
  • Place your order with us in plenty of time to ensure you get a delivery date best suited to you.
  • Plan the job site and the order in which you need materials so you have adequate storage and access for delivery vehicles.

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